The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure universe is defined through its many engaging and diverse villains. From hand-stealing serial killers to raunchy cowboys, there is no shortage of creative antagonists for the Joestar family and their allies to overcome.

One of the series’ recurring themes include turning former enemies into allies (such as Okuyasu, Polnareff, and even Caesar Zeppeli). However, there were also many evildoers who could realistically have been redeemed under the right circumstances. Through identifying them, we can better appreciate the potential that the anime failed to realize and why they could have switched sides.

Hol Horse’s Grudge Against Dio Could Have Been Explored

Hol Horse was perhaps the only villain not only to question DIO’s motives but also to openly contemplate assassinating him. Since he failed to anticipate the nature of The World, however, he was easily defeated and told to get back to work.

Given Hol Horse’s prideful natural, it would have made sense for him to join the Joestars in order to bring the vampire down. His motives would have been especially coherent if he was promised the loot in the vampire’s manor after the crusaders’ victory.

Doppio Was Much Kinder Than His Kingpin Counterpart

Doppio is Diavolo's alter ego

Doppio was Diavolo’s alter ego and a kindly young man (as far as can be perceived). He lacked his double’s malevolence and was apologetically kind to the strangers he came across.

Should he have not capitulated to his darker nature and assisted Team Bucciarati instead, the heroes would have had much better luck defeating Diavolo without sustaining heavy casualties. He would have been particularly useful since King Crimson needs Epitaph in order to function. The only logical downside is that if Diavolo dies, Doppio does too (unless his personality is separated through Silver Chariot Requiem).

Wamuu Was Much Kinder & More Honorable Than The Other Pillar Men

Although Wamuu was responsible for Kars’ ascension and assisted him against the Hamon users, his sense of honor was distinguishing. After being defeated by Joseph Joestar, he lashed out against the minions that attempted to murder his opponent anyway.

Should he have survived the duel, he would have been able to notice Kars’ barbarism (particularly through his fight against Lisa Lisa). If Wamuu saw his master’s true nature, he would have been more likely to betray him due to Kars’ cowardice and malevolence.

Secco Was Ultimately A Victim Of Cioccolata’s Experiments

Secco's Stand is Sanctuary

Secco was Cioccolata’s loyal servant and a villain arguably even more depraved than his master was. Perhaps more intriguingly, he was the only person that Cioccolata spared in his endless quest to cause as much pain and suffering as possible.

If Secco had been contained by the heroes after Cioccolata’s death, it might have been possible to set him upon the long and gradual path to rehabilitation since he was ultimately a traumatized victim. However, containing him would have been extremely difficult due to the burrowing nature of his Stand.

La Squadra & Team Bucciarati Technically Had The Same Goal

Risotto was the leader of the La Squadra organization. Although his approach was far more ruthless than Bucciarati’s, both leaders ultimately had the same goal: to bring down Diavolo and claim the mantle as Italy’s new criminal mastermind.

Should the two groups have collaborated instead of fought, they would have had a much better chance of defeating Diavolo without wasting their strength on each other. The battle to control the criminal underworld would resume after their mutual adversary’s death.

Boingo Flirted With Redemption After His Plans Fell Through

Boingo’s Stand allowed him to predict the future through the pages of comics. So long as its instructions were followed, he would (technically) be able to defeat any opponent.

After his plans to destroy the Crusaders fell through with both Oingo and Hol Horse, he flirted with the notion of redemption and becoming a better person. However, there wasn’t ever a chance to explore this possibility, which was of particular consequence due to the unstoppably omniscient nature of his Stand’s abilities. Should he have joined the fight against DIO, casualties may not have been as steep.

Keicho Saved Okuyasu’s Life Despite Dying As A Villain

keicho nijimura

At first, Keicho Nijimura was depicted as a callous and brutal man. He scoffed at his brother’s weakness after stumbling upon his “Worse Company” trap by accident and reviled him for failing to stop Josuke.

After dying to Akira, Keicho had a mysteriously profound change of heart from beyond the grave. When Okuyasu was on the verge of death due to a point blank explosion by Yoshikage Kira, his older brother was the one to convince him that he still had a role to play in Morioh and that he should return there.

Ken Was Stunned By Rohan Kishibe’s Kindness

Ken was one of the most inconsequential villains faced in Diamond Is Unbreakable. However, his immaturity drove him to be ruthless, and he was even willing to take the Joestar baby as a hostage to make his opponents face him.

Despite this, Rohan Kishibe selflessly saved Ken from a moving truck after he attempted to commit suicide for failing to defeat him. From that point forward, Ken’s outlook on life was irreversibly changed. Unlike other reformed villains, however, he never had a chance to return the manga artist’s favor.

Yoshikage Kira Proved Himself As A Family Man During A Stand-Off With Stray Cat

JJBA Kira Yoshikage with blonde hair Cropped

After Yoshikage Kira stole a new identity to avoid the Morioh avengers’ wrath, he came upon Stray Cat in a garden. Oddly, it was a visible Stand without a user and almost killed his “adopted” wife.

Instinctively, Kira leaped into action in order to save his new family from harm, and at the time, even he couldn’t explain why he felt so moved to help them. Unfortunately, this aspect of Kira would never be explained for the rest of the act, and he died without ever acknowledging his one chance to be a good person.

Dio Had A Promising Childhood With Jonathan Before Going Rogue

The initial conflict between Dio and Jonathan climaxed when the former brought a knife to a fight in the middle of the manor. George Joestar forced him to behave, and for a period of time, both brothers lived in harmony.

However, Dio’s treachery would surface later when attempting to poison his adoptive father in order to usurp the Joestar fortune. Should he have simply accepted his brother’s forgiveness and embraced his role in the new family, everyone could have avoided generations of conflict.

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